About Anna

Hello Kingman Arizona, surrounding cities, burgs, (that means you Golden Valley, Dolan Springs and even Bullhead City) and all of Mohave country!

My name is Anna Shuffler and if you have found this page, you are already my kind of person because you are looking to live a healthy, energetic and fulfilling life!

I am a personal trainer and an advocate for health and wellness. I have been in the Health and Wellness field since 1992. I moved to Kingman Arizona in the spring of 1996 from Montana. I started teaching water aerobics at the City of Kingman pool! From there I have been employed as a fitness manager, fitness instructor, and a personal trainer. I am married and have two wonderful kids.

As my career and family life began to grow I developed an intense passion for improving the lives of the members of our community (adult, children, and even entire families) through healthy living. I saw and felt the positive effects my instruction had on the people I trained and more and more importantly, others began to take notice of the impact I was having on those I was training.

Empowered by the requests for help from those who want to make health a priority in their lives, I have developed the Shuffler Peak Fitness & Training program that allows me to positively affect the lives of many in a safe, affordable, and effective way.

I believe in the SPFT program and not only have I seen it help the lives of my current and past clientele, but I believe it can help improve YOUR life. I put my heart and knowledge into each class to challenge and motivate participants to reach and achieve more than they thought possible of themselves, thus developing a strong sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

We are all challenged daily with different types of stresses that drain us of energy and will, leaving us lethargic and defeated. If you are willing to commit yourself to my training and the SPFT program, I can prove to you that you can push through what may initially feel like the impossible; a tough and intense workout. As you come to see you can not only achieve the difficult, but can enjoy it, you will discover an inner strength that will help you push through even the toughest day.

The discovery and nurturing of your inner strength will help build self-confidence and allow you to believe in yourself. I am passionate about giving this gift of self-awareness to all who find the courage to believe in themselves. With every class I am committed to helping you accomplish more so you will feel and realize the opportunities available to you by becoming emotionally, physically, and internally active.

When this self-awareness and self-confidence is achieved in a group setting it is infectious. When you feel as though you belong to something bigger than yourself, you start displaying leadership and fellowship qualities. This enhances your own results and through synergy, enhances the results of those around you.

In every beat of your heart lies an opportunity to change your path and go down a better road. I encourage you to be open to learning, open to training, and to commit to following a path to success. Make a commitment to never give up on your goals and you can have more and become more than you ever dreamed possible. I am deeply passionate about helping you achieve those goals by building your self-confidence through health and fitness. You will look and feel better and have more energy and drive than ever before.

"I look forward to seeing you here."